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Profile for structural joints, specially designed to be installed between constructive elements.

It consists in two profiles made of anodized aluminium and a central body made of EPDM which keep the joint hidden and preserve all its functionality. It is the perfect complement for Novojunta Pro® Aluminium because it solves the joinings between fixed elements: walls, columns,  drains...  Check installation instructions and any other information in the Technical File of the product.

It is available with an anchoring wing overlapped, just to install the profile after installing tiles. It is recommended for malls, parkings, airports, hotels, universities, etc. It is delivered already assembled,  so it is easy to install, and it has protective film on its surface.

Available in matt silver color with black rubber.
Technical data

Horizontal movement:

  • 10 mm. (+/- 5 mm)
  • 14 mm.  (+/- 7 mm)


Code Material a b h Length Packaging
NJPPS2058 Aluminum + EPDM 34 mm. (1 11/32") 58 mm. (2 9/32") 20 mm. (3/4") 2'5 m. (8'2") 2 u.
NJPPS2068 44 mm. (1 47/64") 68 mm. (2 43/64")

With a plastic film

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