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Novorodapie® Semiflex is a profile made of semiflexible PVC intended to be placed as a skirting in all kind of walls.

Its geometry, which ends with a smooth curve, makes easier the cleaning, avoiding the accumulation of germ. Also useful to cover the typical expansion joints in perimeters. Novorodapie® Semiflex combines the excellent properties of rigid PVC with the appropriate degree of flexibility, which allows its installation in irregular walls or smooth curves.

Thanks to its easy installation, adhered to wall, this profile is perfect for new or reform works and also for projects where a big quantity of meters is needed.

Available in white and grey colour.



Technical data

Code Material a h Color Length Packaging


60 mm. (2 3/8") 20'5 mm. (13/16") White 2 m. (6.5') 20 u.
NRSFPV60GR2 (NRSFPV02238) Grey


80 mm. (3 1/8") 20'5 mm. (13/16") White 2 m. (6.5') 10 u.
NRSFPV80GR2 (NRSFPV02318) Grey


100 mm. (4") 20'5 mm. (13/16") White 2 m. (6.5') 10 u.
NRSFPV100GR2 (NRSFPV1024) Grey
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