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Novorodapie Eclipse® is a profile made of aluminum to be installed as a skirting in plasterboard or tiled walls.

Thanks to its geometry, the profile protects the bottom edge of the wall, generating an innovative hollow effect like if the wall was suspended in the air. Its simple lines, finished with a small curve, create a smooth surface that avoids the accumulation of dirtiness and makes easy the cleaning. In addition to be a skirting, this profile can also be a finish the top of the wall.

Optionally a LED strip can be installed in the interior hollow , providing the profile with a double functionality and a high decorative value.

Its installation must lie flush with the wall, therefore it is recommended for installations where a perimetral joint is not required.

  • off-white - 142 off-white - 142
  • matt silver - 13 matt silver - 13
Technical data

code material a h color length packing
NRECAL1370PL* aluminum 70 mm (2 3/4") 13 mm (1/2") anod. matt silver 2,5 m (8ft2in) 10 u.
NRECAL1370BL* aluminum 70 mm (2 3/4") 13 mm (1/2") off-white 2,5 m (8ft2in) 10 u.
NRECAL1570PL* aluminum 70 mm (2 3/4") 15 mm (9/16") anod. matt silver 2,5 m (8ft2in) 10 u.
NRECAL1570BL* aluminum
70 mm (2 3/4")

15 mm (9/16") off-white 2,5 m (8ft2in) 10 u.

* With a gap where LEDS can be installed

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