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Novorodapie® MaxiSoho is a skirting profile made of Maxi, an exclusive Emac® material wich consists in PVC with vegetable fibers proceeding from organic waste recycling.

This proifile has been designed to be installed as a skirting to protect the bottom part of the walls from posible damage. Its design, with simple and clean lines, makes contrast with the innovative finish similar to Wood from the MaxiSoho range, being suitable for multiple environments and trends.

Optionally the skirting can be finished on the top with an aluminum profile. Each profile is unique and different from others. Novorodapie® Maxisoho, not two profiles are the same.

  • brown vintage - 160 brown vintage - 160
  • white vintage - 161 white vintage - 161
  • grey vintage - 159 grey vintage - 159
Technical data

code material h a color length packing



Natural fibers + PVC 13 mm. (1/2") 80 mm. (3 1/4") grey vintage 2'5 m. (8ft2in) 10 u.



Natural fibers + PVC 13 mm. (1/2") 80 mm. (3 1/4") brown vintage 2'5 m. (8ft2in) 10 u.



Natural fibers + PVC 13 mm. (1/2") 80 mm. (3 1/4") white vintage 2'5 m. (8ft2in) 10 u.
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