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The Novomat® technical mats are an effective barrier to prevent from the entry of dust, moisture and dirt, offering the maximum protection and durability to the floorings. They are guaranteed to bear the foot traffic of 50000 people a day.

The technical entrance mats Novomat® 15 and Novomat® 20 have the possibility to be customized with the desired logo or design. This customization will give more visibility the brand and will provide a differenciating element at the entrance of yourestablishment.

The logo will be engraved in black color with maximum dimensions 180 x 50 mm on a satin steel plate of 66 mm width. Inaddition to the logo, the plate will be supplied with holes and the necessary screws to install it.

You will only need to fit theplate between two of the Novomat®’s aluminum slats and fix it with the screws. Be careful and do not overtighten the screwsto avoid possible not desired deformations in the plate.

To customize your entrance mat we will need you to send us your logo in vector format.

The custom plate for Novomat® can be installed over new or existing mats, only in the models with 15 and 20 mm height.

Technical data

Code Material Length Size Color Packing
Stainless steel 1,98 m h: 15 y 20 mm satiny 1 u.

NMPLAPER298A 2,98 m
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