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*El 240-V-X-F-W 10 to 150

*El 240-H-X-F-W 10 to 150

The EMAC®'s range of firestop cords aims get tightness against flames, hot or flammable gases in expansion joints, which are normally a critic point. There is a wide range available to be installed in expansion joints between 10 and 60 mm width both floors or walls. For wider cords check availability.

This cord is made of noncombustible and nonrot mineral fibers covered with fiberglass web. Does not contain asbestos and does not release toxic fumes in case of fire. It resists well the common chemical agressive agents and resists moisture.

The firestop cord has a working temperature of 780ºC and its fusion temperature is >1000ºC. This product has been tested according to the most recent European Standards, having a Reaction to fire M0 (non combustible) and a fire resistance of 240 minutes (EN 1366-4).

Available in rolls depending on the size.

*There system have been subjected to quality-control tests for vertical and horizontal movements according to the European Standard EN 13501-2:2016.





Technical data
code material cord diameter joint width presentation

mineral fibers

+ glass fibers

30 mm (1 3/16") 16-20 mm (5/8" - 3/4") roll 30 m (98' 4")
NJCF40 40 mm (1 9/16") 21-30 mm (3/4" - 1 3/16")
NJCF50 50 mm (2") 31-40 mm (1 3/16" - 1 9/16") roll 25 m (82')
NJCF60 60 mm (2 3/8") 41-50 mm (1 9/16" - 2")
NJCF70 70 mm (2 3/4") 51-60 mm (2" - 2 3/8")

roll 20 m (65' 6")


NJCF120 120 mm (4 3/4") 91-100 mm (3 3/4" - 4") roll 50 m (164')

*Please check availability in other measures

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