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Know a little more about us, our company values, solidarity projects which we support, and where our offices are located.

APIVAL Social Integration

The Interdisciplinary Professional Association of Valencia (APIVAL) is an entity made up of professionals dedicated to the social and labour insertion of disabled persons and / or dependents. The project has a wide variety of proposals, modalities and activities with the aim to promote the democratic and participatory principles of these groups.

EMAC® Group collaborates with this association providing resources necessary for the full development of a wide variety of proposed actions.

From our beginnings and from our most humane touch we have always search for the social, labour and personal integration of all groups, because we care about people.

Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Since 2004, Emac® joins the great effort of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation for trying to eradicate poverty and the inequalities of one of the poorest of India, Anantapur.

EMAC® Group each year finances the construction of housing and schools to make possible families of Anantapur have decent housing and their children to enjoy a proper education.

Red Cross

EMAC® is committed to social projects and years ago began a journey with the Spanish Red Cross through a collaboration agreement.

Along with many others, joined the solidarity movement in the world. We seek integration and contribute to helping the most needy, promoting actions for social welfare, and the defence of human rights.

Asociación Valenciana de Charity

EMAC® Group is part of the initiative, companies with value that allows the costs of House charity in its different areas. Through their own and managed (in Valencia, Torrent and Paterna) persons without resources can receive care for their basic needs, psychological help and encourage as far as possible their social reintegration.

Now more that we must never think in the future and continue the commitment to solidarity. The work must continue every day, and for this reason our participation and support must not cease.


Improasistencia is a social project made up of actors, actresses, medical and health care staff, assistants, psychologists, social workers and collaborators, visiting hospitals and medical centers in a periodic and disinterested way, to make more bearable and enjoyable stay to those patients that they are admitted, and bring a smile to them and their families.


In EMAC® Group we are also convinced that laughter is one of the best and most powerful medications.


AFACO is a non-profit, with scope provincial and entity of Voluntariado.Representa people with functional diversity (intellectual disability) and their families.

EMAC® Group collaborates with this association with the objective of providing its members and their families a better quality of life. And we are confident that this goal can be only achieved if there is a real social inclusion, where every human being be accommodated, is respected and is equip you with the resources necessary for their full development.

Tatami Rugby Club Valencia

EMAC® Group has participated in the sponsorship of the Dean of Valencia Rugby club, managed by Matías Tudela and César Sempere, athletes who competed in JJOO Rio 2016. Both Managers know the excellent attributes Rugby Tatami Team has and they aspire to become one of Valencia team example.

In this sport traditionally great importance has been given to moral values and that's where we like to emphasize. From an early age are taught Rugby players a series of positive qualities, such as Fellowship, Union, Respect, Discipline, Commitment, Passion and Humility among many others.

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