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Profile for expansion joints in arrow shape, made in coextruded PVC which results in two bodies, rigid and flexible, who allow to absorb small variations of movement and offer a good resistance.

The high density area acquires the ideal rigidity for supporting the tile and joining the mortar while the top area, with low density, allows the movement without permanent deformation due to its higher yield strenght.

It is available in several colors.



  • white - 01 white - 01
  • beige - 03 beige - 03
  • transparent - 33 transparent - 33
  • grey - 02 grey - 02
  • brown - 08 brown - 08
  • black - 10 black - 10
Technical data

Code Material h a Color* Length Packaging
NJ3PV06- PVC 6 mm. (1/4") 8 mm. (5/16") White, Grey, Beige, Brown, Black, Transparent 2'5 m. (8.2') 50 u.
NJ3PV08- 8 mm. (5/16") White, Grey, Beige, Brown, Black, Transparent
NJ3PV10- 10 mm. (3/8") White, Grey, Beige, Brown, Black, Transparent
NJ3PV12- 12'5 mm. (1/2") White, Grey, Beige, Brown, Black, Transparent
NJ3PV15- 15 mm. (9/16") Grey, Beige, Brown, Black

*Please check the availability in other color

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