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Profile for retracting joints made of extruded PVC. The installation of this profile creates a weak point in the concrete slab and generates a controlled cracking, avoiding uncontrolled and unsightly breaks on the surface. Controls expansion and retraction of concrete slabs up to 24 cm thick and is also useful as a guide and formwork.

Easy to install, adheres perfectly to the support. Its installation avoids the typical work of cut and sealing. It also avoids the accummulation of dirt and improves the aesthetic appearance of the installation.

Because the profile is embedded into the concrete it does not suffer degradation and is not visible in the flooring.

Available in grey color.

Technical data


Code Material a b h Length Packaging
NJPHOR40GR25 PVC grey 30 mm. (1 3/16") 2 mm. (5/64") 40 mm. (1 37/64") 2.5 m. (8'2") 60 u.
NJPHOR60GR25 60 mm. (2 3/8") 80 mm. (3 5/32") 20 u.
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