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Emac celebrates its 25th Anniversary

19 junio 2012

In 2012 we are 25 years and we have celebrated it in a convention with national and international collaborators and friends, in which our guests could learn about Emac future plans and strategic lines of growth, and also enjoy the sun and the gastronomy of Valencia.

The event took place in Valencia, the weekend 25th to 27th of May, where more than 100 guests from different nationalities were coming from all over the world: Germany, Italy, France, Tunisia, Greece, Arab countries, Central America and South America…

With this event, Emac® wanted to thank its main partners for their job during all these years.

All the guests were booked into the Arenas Hotel, the 5 stars luxury spa Hotel in Valencia located waterfront, right in front of the sea.

On Saturday morning at the same resort, it took place an informative meeting in which the company management as well as Emac team offered a look through the work done in the past few years and a vision of the future plans for the Company.

The act was presented and carried out by Carles Castillo, actor, theater director and a Family friend; Also, Lluis Navarro, a distinguished consultant and collaborator of the Company offered an excellent presentation about motivation and the necessary steps to follow in such crisis times.

Nuria and Emi Boix managers of the company went through the reasons of the well doing of the company since its foundation in 1987 thanks to its prudence and a growth strategy based on excellent quality and service; they also pledged its commitment to the Research, Development and Innovation.

Both remarked the company´s growth in the last 5 years at all levels: Facilities (nowadays with more than 5.000 m2), Staff (more than 50 employees), Product (more than 3.000 items), Service, Customers, national and international positioning, and pointed out its strong economic solvency.

Additionally, they explained Emac® growth strategic lines are for the next years, based on the international expansion of the company and the promotion of R&D. Emac® is currently present in more than 110 countries and since 2003 has a subsidiary in Miami, United States, to serve the entire American continent. In October 2011 also started its activity the new subsidiary of the company in Sassuolo, Italy.

The act also introduced the new incoming projects for the other companies of the Group, such as Artelux (Artistic hand painted tiles) and Oranges Herminia (oranges sale online)

The responsibles for different key departments at Emac® offered a perspective through the job that the company is carrying out at every strategic area of the company.

You can see pictures of the convention at this Flickr album.

After the morning event, the whole group enjoyed a Valencian meal at a sea front restaurant, and then followed the visit to Emac® headquarters in Quart de Poblet. All guests noted the recent enlargement of the facilities and the warehouse refurbishments, and could see in person the huge stock of more than 2.000.000 Euros that the company maintains to offer an excellent service. Moreover, they could see how the automatic depot works and visit the new R&D center that Emac® has opened at its facilities recently.


Pictures at this Flickr album.



The celebration acts were closed up with a Gala dinner at the Molino Real restaurant, where the guests were delighted with an exquisite evening at a unique environment that ended up with an opera duet live performance.



You can see more pictures of the gala dinner at this Flickr album.

Emac® celebrates this way 25 years since its foundation in 1987 as a small family owned company of profiles for tiles that started with only 2 employees and actually runs more than 50, and nowadays has an excellent healthy economy and a privileged situation in crisis times.

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