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Emac® bets on sustainable construction

30 marzo 2009

In Emac® we highlight the importance of advancing to a respectful with the environment and sustainable system.

It is easy to notice the damage that environment suffers day by day. A proof of that are the different climate changes that are happening recently. The whole society, productive and economic sectors, and among them, the construction sector, contribute considerably to this damage. Therefore Emac® has decided to collaborate with the environment.
In its commitment with nature, quality and service, Emac® develops innovative products that help to the conservation and care of our environment through sustainable materials: 100% natural wood, our new and exclusive Cork family (products that take advantage of the flexibility of natural cork to its application in movement joints), and our exclusive material Maxi, made of vegetable fibers recycled from agricultural organic waste.
As always, in Emac®, in our continuous research, we will carry on with innovation in order to offer new processes and materials that allow us to keep our commitment.

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