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Emac® innovation: metacrilato profile for swimming pools

11 agosto 2008

The exclusive Emac® profile Novocanto® Metacrilato is the perfect solution for swimming pools due to its great versatility, its several applications and its excellent and improved properties.

It can be used to protect the edges and also as a step submerged in swimming pools, avoiding angular and dangerous edges according to the strictest safety requirements.
This new material is the best solution for all those applications that require a great solidity of the colour, resistance and durability and also high levels of safety and innocuousness.
The great properties of Novocanto® Metracrilato are as follows:
  • Excellent resistance to sunlight. This property makes it especially useful for outdoors applications without suffering discoloration or deterioration.
  • Brightness of the colour, due to the high transparency of methacrylate.
  • Great durability and excellent resistance to scratches.
  • Elimination of any risk of oxidation caused by other materials. Additionally it allows the use of a wide range of cleaners guaranteeing this way the cleaning and disinfection.
Finally, it is very important to emphasize that Novocanto® Metacrilato fulfils the strictest regulations of building components used in swimming pools thanks to its design: the absence of dangerous corners and its soft surface with rounded form avoid the accumulation of dirt and allow the easy cleaning and disinfection, providing a high level of safety.

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