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Stair nosing profile with photoluminescent strip that help to fulfill with the more demanding standards related to emergency lighting. It also has a non-slip surface and is intended to be installed before tiling. Ideal for public areas with heavy pedestrian (foot) traffic.

Novopeldaño® Lúmina Plus is a profile for stair nosings with slim design which combines functionality and beauty just in a product. The properties of the photoluminescent strip surpass the demands related to luminescence established in the UNE 23035-4. It is the safer choice for the stairs.

The photoluminescent strip, 3 cm. width, fulfills the requirements of the UNE 23035 related to emergency lighting.

  • matt silver - 13 matt silver - 13
Technical data

Code Material a h F Color Length Packaging

Aluminum + Anti-slip strip

44 mm. (1-3'4") 10 mm. (3'8") 30 mm. (1-3'16") Anod. matt silver + light yellow strip 1 / 2,5 m. (3'2-8'2") 20 u.

Aluminum + Anti-slip strip

44 mm. (1-3'4")

12'5 mm. (1'2") 30 mm. (1-3'16") Anod. matt silver + light yellow strip 1 / 2,5 m. (3'2-8'2") 20 u.

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