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Profile for expansion joints which consists of two metallic profiles and a central body made of microcellular rubber EPDM. Its main function is to avoid the accumulation of tensions coming from the expansions and contractions of the pavements caused by thermal variations.

Novojunta® Metallic allows the polishing the floor after its installation.

Novojunta® Metallic Brass is available in grey color.

General recommendations

  • For pavements installed in outdoors, it is recommended to close areas between 107.6 and 269 square foot (10 and 25 m2) maximum, with a distance between joints not over 16,4ft (5 m.)
  • For pavements installed in indoors, with less thermal variations, it is recommended to close areas 538.2 - 688.9 square meters (50-64 m2) maximum, with a distance between joints not over 26ft (8 m.)


Technical data

Code Material a h Color Length Packaging
NJULA08NA25 (NJM15516) Brass + EPDM 8 mm.


8 mm.


Grey 2'5 m. (8.2') 20 u.
NJULA10NA25 (NJM1538) 10 mm.


NJULA12NA25 (NJM1512) 12'5 mm.


NJULA15NA (NJM15916) 15 mm.


NJULA20NA25 (NJM1534) 20 mm.


10 u.
NJULA30NA25 (NJM151316) 30 mm.

(1 3/16")

With a plastic film

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