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The Novotop Access Zinc plated tactile nails provide a warning solution to identify areas with obstacles, or areas where there is a change of level or an unprotected gap, such as staircases and open platforms.According to its tactile texture, and its anti-slip design, they are easily identified by users. With the fitting template, the nails layout is adjusted optimally for the tactile function and the installation is simplified.

These nails, special for outdoor areas, have an innovative installation system that avoids using adhesives, minimizing considerably so the execution times and reducing the material costs. This is very important as accesible paths are usually composed of a lot of tactile nails.

They can be installed by using the installation template (in option), which indicates the optimal distribution of the nails to guarantee their function and is another help in the installation process.

  • zinc zinc
Technical data

Code Material h a b Color Packaging
NTOPACM Zinq plated 5 mm. (3/16") 25 mm. (1") 17,5 mm. zinc 250 u.
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