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Know a little more about us, our company values, solidarity projects which we support, and where our offices are located.

EMAC®, A family story

EMAC® Complementos S.L. is a familiy owned business founded in 1987 by Mr. Juan José Boix in order to provide to building industry new solutions and products for ceramic industry.

During 20 years, as a General Manager, Mr. Boix consolidated EMAC as a leading company in profiles in Spain. During this time, he transmits his business vocation to his daughters, Emi and Nuria, that once finished their university degree, they decided to join the company.

In 2007, Mr. Juan Jose Boix announces that he leaves his active presence in the company, handed the power over to his daughters, Emi and Nuria now in charge of EMAC. Thus, they continue growing his Company.

From the beginning, EMAC always has focussed on exports in order to improve his presence in the American continent, in 2003 opening his subsidiary Emac America LLC. On the same way, in 2011 Emac founded Emac® Italy to give service to the most exigent ceramic market in the world, offering at the same time solutions in the eastern countries.

One year later, in 2012, EMAC buys the company “Juntas Covi, S.L.” to provide the most complete range of structural profiles to the market.

In 2014 Laura Boix, who has always been interested in Science, Joins up the Executive management of the Group to coordinate and handle different activities in the organization toguether with her two sisters.

Nowadays, Emac® is unceasing expansion and his continuous growth  generates new commercial partnership in different part of the world and progresses in different economic activities as Artelux, ceramic painted by hand, and other businesses moreover the construction industry.

In 2017, EMAC celebrates 30 years since Mr.Juan Jose Boix, with the help of his brothers, involved all his family in an intense work trip, effort and a big distance covered: EMAC®  1987-2017, 30 years outlining your projects.

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