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*224.I.1712.001.ES.01* 21705376_R-1

Stair nosing profile, made of aluminum, designed to protect and decorate tiled stairs. Its design, with a hidden hollow, allows the installation of any LED strip chosen by the installator without need of difusor, providing the profile with a high decorative value.

Its visible side improves the slip resistance value of the stair. Thanks to its geometry, the slight slope allows the evacuation of water outside, avoids the accumulation of dirt and makes easy the cleaning. Novopeldaño Eclipse® is a LEd solution in one piece with easy and fast installation.

Novopeldaño Eclipse® has a special cover available to get a perfect installation:

*Impact and load tests have been carried out on Novopeldaño Eclipse® that validate its high traffic resistance


instalacion novopeldaño eclipse



  • anod. matt silver - 13 anod. matt silver - 13
  • Cover Cover
Technical data


Reference Material h a b Finishes Length Packaging
NPECAL10PL Aluminum 10 mm / 3/4" 22 mm (7/8") 23 mm (7/8") Matt silver 2,5 m (8'2") 20 ud.
NPECAL12PL 12 mm / 1/2" 22 mm (7/8")




*Promotional atmosphere created using Novopeldaño Eclipse Aluminium matt silver, showing a suggestion for one possible use of this product. EMAC does not manufacture, sell or supply any LED strip whatsoever with the Novopeldaño Eclipse product. The choice of LED strip should be undertaken by the installer, taking into account the circumstances of the installation site.

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