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EMAC® Group meets the European Commissioner for Trade

28 mayo 2018
Women representing Valencian companies with the European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström

On 25 May, EMAC® Group took part in a private meeting with the European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström, an event organised by the Association of Businesspeople and Professionals of Valencia (EVAP) in the city of Valencia.

The event brought together a small number of women representing Valencian companies, who were able to voice their current pressing concerns about the sector to the Commissioner regarding international trade.

Ms Malmström's brief is to negotiate bilateral trade agreements between key countries. Such agreements aim to respect European security, health, social standards and data protection while ensuring cultural diversity. They include developing a powerful policy on foreign investments, evaluating the use of trade defence instruments for Europe and deciding the best path to progressing and working with developing countries to include them in the global trading economy.

It was Emi Boix, EMAC® Group's CEO, who communicated the multinational's worries, concerns and proposals in the area of foreign trade to Ms Malmström, enabling the opening of a communications channel and growing rapprochement between the European Commissioner and the Valencian firm.

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