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EMAC®, 31 years of commitment, passion and innovation

02 julio 2018
Multidisciplinary EMAC® Group team

At EMAC® Group we have been offering our best work, reliability, experience, capacity for adaptation and commitment to our customers for 31 years, providing excellent service since we were founded in 1987.

From then until now, we have followed a sharply rising growth curve to become the leading company in profiles and flashing for paving and cladding, as well as structural joints, expansion joints and technical entrance mats.

Having a birthday is a true milestone in a company’s professional history. Growth can only be achieved through a solid professional team, one with a will to succeed, offering excellent service, quality and innovation in product, management and processes.

This is why on 14 July 2018, our 31st birthday, the multinational will hold a special celebration, one both intimate and festive, which not only the group’s employees but its executive directors, Emi, Laura and Nuria Boix, will attend.

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