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20 julio 2018
First House made with a 3D printer

Since Friday, 20 July, Valencia holds the Spanish patent to create a house made of concrete using a 3D printer in record time and at a cost 35% lower than more traditional methods.

The 24-metre prototype was presented on the site adjacent to the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Its creator, BeMore 3D, is a three-year-old start-up hailing from the UPV's School of Engineering and Architecture. The venture comprises four ex-students: Vicente Ramírez, José Guillermo Muñoz, Joaquín Rodríguez and José Luis Puchades.

This is an incredible achievement – building a house out of concrete using a 3D printer. This method enables the construction of homes of up to 60–70 square metres in just 12 hours.

It signifies economic savings, since the price per square metre is only €750 compared to a price of €1,050 per square-metre for social housing. Moreover, it has scarcely any ecological impact since it produces no waste. Another advantage of this process is that it reduces labour risk because no work is undertaken at height.

EMAC® Group, in its constant quest for innovation, has collaborated with this unique initiative by providing technical and decorative solutions in profiling for both the interior and exterior of this pioneer construction.

Novorodapie® Maxisoho Grey Vintage

Novoescocia® 4 Mini Metallic

Novorodapie® L Matt silver
Novopilastra® Matt silver

Novomat® h8 Black Rubber
Novomat® h15 Grey Carpet

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