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Valencian companies bring value to internationalisation at the Be International Congress

18 octubre 2018
Emi Boix, EMAC® Group Manager with other valencian companies managers

The fourth Be International Congress was held in Valencia on 16 October with the participation of the city’s Chamber of Commerce. This Congress shared strategies and tools available to enable firms in the Community of Valencia to commit securely to internationalisation. EDEM Business School hosted this event organised by Las Provincias Newspaper, which brought together experts, institutions and companies from the Valencian Community to share their experiences concerning internationalisation under the slogan “World economic environment and market selection for international trade”.

Attendees were able to discuss subjects affecting the internationalisation of firms directly, such as opening up new markets overseas, the most relevant commercial destinations, as well as patterns to follow so as to consolidate businesses internationally. Emi Boix, director of the Valencian multinational EMAC® Group, offered her experience as the CEO of a company that has been committed to internationalisation since its beginnings. Boix placed particular emphasis on the importance of “following a strategy of international professionalisation and innovation, with the aim of consolidating the brand in new markets overseas, fragmenting customers and diversifying risk”.


Since it was founded in 1987 and up until the present, EMAC® Group has worked tirelessly in its commitment to internationalisation and innovation, offering solutions and strengthening the brand in overseas markets.

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