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Experience the >>Challenge ASU<< at Cevisama 2019

15 enero 2019
EMAC® Group presents the pioneering experience of the Universal Accessibility Challenge at Cevisama

This is the first time the Universal Accessibility Challenge is being run at Cevisama. It is a unique experience in universal accessibility and safety organised by EMAC® Group in collaboration with the ONCE Foundation (Spanish National Organisation for the Blind). This project aims to raise awareness among the general public of the overwhelming need for accessible routes, both for the blind and the visually or mobility-impaired in all types of facilities, buildings and commercial spaces.

This space, located in Hall N2, will give visitors first-hand experience of universal accessibility and safety by asking them to navigate two specially designed routes. Those who dare to take part in the Universal Accessibility Challenge will be asked to wear a mask for the first circuit and, helped by a cane, navigate a totally unobstructed route. They must get from one end of the route to the other. Having reached their goal, they must then undertake an identical route equipped with a Universal Accessibility Tactile Paving System. This is formed of tactile surface lozenges and guidance path strips that will guide and provide warning to walkers of any obstacle or area where there is a change in height or an unprotected opening.

In the second version of the circuit, users will undertake a route consisting of several differences of level in a wheelchair. They must navigate the entire route. Once they have achieved this, the return route will be the same, but with profiles installed on the ground to solve the differences in level, thereby facilitating a safe passage.

This is a thoroughly recommendable experience, one to encourage reflection. It will offer authentic awareness-raising and show that Universal Accessibility and Safety is the responsibility of the entire construction sector.



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