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Work Experience Collaboration with APIVAL

08 marzo 2019
We took on José Vicente Monfort so he could complete his professional work experience as an APIVAL Association student.

With the commitment to boost social, professional and personal inclusion of all the collectives that EMAC® has always supported, on 14 February we received a visit from a collaborator who is very close to our heart.

José Vicente Monfort, a student from the APIVAL Association, with whom we regularly collaborate, is taking the Professional Certification course, Auxiliary Operations in Administrative and General Services. José Vicente spent from 14 to 25 February at our company, undertaking his work experience in conjunction with his course. In this time, José Vicente was able to observe, learn about and join in the jobs tackled in a company’s day-to-day routine, working as a regular team member for the 40 hours that his training in the company lasted.

This is a deeply enriching experience for these students, since they can put into practice the knowledge learned and observe the workings of a company like EMAC® Group as it goes about its daily tasks. Under Yolanda Calvet’s tutorage, José Vicente gained an experience that will serve him as what will surely be the start of a solid professional career.

Social Responsibility remains one of the fundamental pillars our multinational firm nurtures among its values, as we have done since our beginnings. This type of collaboration reinforces our commitment to society, supporting the inclusion of all groups.

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