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Profile of straight lines manufactured in EMAC®’s exclusive material: ASTRA® – an extra-tough polymer. This is a multi-purpose profile, and can be installed as a finish to protect and decorate the borders of ceramic cladding, as a paving separator, or as a counter top finish. And it offers an innovative grooved finish, giving it a rustic aesthetic and improving performance in bad weather.

The profile is installed during the tiling work and is integrated into the cladding. Furthermore, the material offers excellent resistance to impact, meaning it can reliably be used as a profile in paving and borders. It comes in four colours that are stable and long-lasting outdoors.

ASTRA® is the result of the constant innovation in EMAC®, always working to offer highly functional and decorative products.

Available in four colors that can integrate with the mosttrendy finishes in floorings in the markets or make a contrast with them.

  • black - 165 black - 165
  • cement - 164 cement - 164
  • cinamon - 163 cinamon - 163
  • almond - 166 almond - 166
Technical data

Reference Material h Finishes Length Packaging


10 mm (3/8")

12 mm (1/2")

Almond-166 2,5 m 80 ud.
NSUASTKOMB*CA25 Cinnamon - 163
NSUASTKOMB*CE25 Cement - 164
NSUASTKOMB*NE25 Black - 165
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