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EMAC® Group wins the Innovative Product Award

19 febrero 2020
The large French construction materials distribution chain Point. P, at its recent Interior and Outdoor Décor Forum, has awarded the prize for most innovative product to Novosuelo ASTRA® Kombu by the Spanish company EMAC® Group.

The event took place on 11 and 12 February at Château Lafitte à Yvrac in Bordeaux (France). Among the more than 100 products submitted by official suppliers, a jury made up of over 20 in-store teams has highlighted the features of the exclusive ASTRA® material, an extra-tough, natural-looking polymer, along with EMAC® Group’s long commitment to innovation, architecture and the search for new materials.

With over 30 years’ experience, EMAC® Group is a leading multinational made up of several companies present in both national and international markets. Its principal activity is finding solutions to joining the diverse materials that come together in a construction project. Its wide range of solutions for technical and decorative profiles, technical entrance mats, structural and expansion joints, and universal accessibility and safety solutions are accompanied by immediate service, unique in its sector.

Product diversification, innovation and quality have boosted the growth of this firm, which has customers in over 100 countries around the world. “It is an honour to receive this award, which recognises the value of our efforts in innovation, and the importance that EMAC® Group solutions have in a construction project. For us, innovating is synonymous with staying relevant and adding value. And recognition of this by Point. P, a leader in construction materials distribution in one of the world’s most demanding markets, is a high point of satisfaction for the entire team”, indicated company sources.

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